Seriously former alley cat

Well I did move Kitten Britches over here on Saturday morning. Just did it, albeit with some trepidation. Getting her into a cat carrier, I knew, would be a one-chance event, at least for the day, because if I failed the first time I knew she sure wouldn’t let me close enough to get a second chance. So I approached her with the carrier and shoved here in there before she had a chance to register what was going on. She protested loudly all the way to the house and, once inside, was very disoriented. I put her in a room with a big window, the sun was shining in, I spent hours sitting with her. People who aren’t cat people would think I’m a nut, and maybe I am. But I know that moving is a huge destabilizing change for any cat, much more so for one who grew up independent of people and had always been an outdoor cat in the same place. She didn’t eat or drink anything for the first day but she purred and calmed down when we sat together. Then Saturday evening I let her wander around the house a bit and she found the rooms upstairs where the familiar furniture is- the chests of drawers, the beds, the familiar old rugs and smells (the downstairs feels cavernous as we don’t have furniture for it yet- all in good time). And there she stayed and slept with me that night. On Sunday she ate and drank and used the litter box (thank God- I wasn’t sure she’d know how, having always gone outside),  and when Dennis got home last night it was as if she knew she was home, she was showing him around HER house, jubilantly, with that tail held high. So. I think this will work.

Oh, and Mordechai. He’s alright. He was sidelined because some guests complained of being allergic to cats. But when Dennis got back from dinner on Saturday night he found Mordechai siting on the chair next to his bed, he had smelled him out. Dennis is a cat man and the only guest Mordechai has ever sought out. Of course, Dennis did buy him off with cat treats- I don’t know what they put in those things but they are addictive. When Dennis’ roomate went to pet Mordechai Dennis told him he might not want to try that but he did anyway and got bitten. Grumpy old Mordechai.

I am remiss, not having gotten out to the woods to see what the wildflowers are doing for 2 weeks now, and things are happening fast, I know. Will make it a point to get there next week, settling-in and biking be damned. This is an important time of year!

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