Saturday morning

Last night was my first night in our new house by myself, Dennis being off with the Jungians in Memphis where, he says, wisteria is in bloom all over the city and where Mordechai, the grumpy and independent resident cat at the hostel where he stays, is mysteriously, ominously, absent. . I love this place, so quiet, and the wren singing this morning early. And a few minutes ago 2 herons flew over, low, just above the treetops. How is it this place is so different, less than 2 miles from our old place? The grant went in on time yesterday, it was good, but whether it’s something they want to fund is the big question.  Today I’ll go to the old place to clean up and bring over things I forgot to move, like a can opener, the lack of which prevented me from making the beans and rice I wanted for dinner last night. And I’ll see how Britches is doing and maybe move her over here. Oh, and of course a bike ride this weekend- Madonna says we need to start training for our summer week-long ride.

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