Didn’t make it out for a walk this weekend, too busy getting settled and cleaning in the new house. We did have a beautiful snow on Saturday. Here’s my new room where I sit in the mornings now. Where I miss MomCat sitting with me. Much quieter than my old morning spot where recently, in addition to all the usual sounds of traffic and trucks rumbling by, a man has been walking by at 4:30 every morning rapping to himself in a rhythmic and happy way, not the ugly, angry kind. Now, instead of traffic and rapping, I hear robins and, if it’s near sunrise, wrens.

And the view out the window, where I can often see the moon in the morning, through the trees.

And today friends came over for a house warming. This is all so new to me, but good to learn. I’ve spent a lifetime avoiding this kind of thing, sure I would never fit the part. I needed friends to teach me.  And a husband (who calls himself my little red-winged blackbird) to help build the nest. Everything changes-

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