Moving week

Well, this is moving week- Lots of cleaning, packing, hauling. I must’ve helped my mother move 6 or 12 times which may explain in part why I’ve been so loathe to move myself for the past 18 years or so. My friend Rose, who is an interior decorator, has been helping me think about interiors, not the sort of thing I’ve ever given much thought to, which is why people have said over the last 18 years, upon seeing our living space, “It’ll be nice when you get it decorated.”

3 days from full

Never did that. I function just fine without it but have come to realize that lots of people like a well-designed space with complementary colors and, well, I might have to admit that I like it too if it turns out that I do. It will be nice to have a home to invite people in to whose prime characteristic is not the resident mice brought in by KittenBritches. Who must, by the way, become an indoor cat now. That should be interesting. And to make life more interesting, I committed to write a grant that’s due April 1 AND it’s a full moon week!

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