Songs in the dark

This morning as I left home in the still-dark I heard robins, a wren, a killdeer. First time this year I’ve heard them in the dark. Before long, even after they tell us to change our clocks back to daylight savings, I’ll be hearing birds at 3:30 and 4 AM. My calendar says that Eastern cottontail rabbits bear first litters this week, that field sparrows are arriving, and that male red wing blackbirds set up their territories. Those last 2 have already happened, I saw red wings and field sparrows a few weeks back. Back in my office this morning I found crumbs on the floor from eating lunch at my desk last week- The excellent maintenance man who worked here has been put on days now and his replacement is not near as tidy. So I must mind my own crumbs, and mind them I will.

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