A table-waiting artist

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I stopped at a French-themed cafe/bar at the corner of 75th and Lexington to eat lunch. They gave me a little table on the patio, the sun was shining, I could watch the people and motion on the street. Two young women at the next table were drinking wine with their lunch, the couple behind me had wine, most everyone else was drinking wine or beer. The man who waited on me was young, in his 20s I’d say, and French. He asked me whether I would like still or sparkling water to drink- still, I replied. He very courteously removed my wine glass without ever asking me if I would like something else to drink. I was bemused- was he extraordinarily observant or intuitive, is there something about me that gives away the fact that I don’t drink alcohol? Or do middle-aged women by themselves in general not drink alcohol? But that can’t be the case- I saw some the other day  by themselves having wine with lunch. It is a puzzle. Maybe it’s just that he’s been waiting tables a long time and seen lots and lots of people. Whatever the reason for his keen perception, he has made an art of waiting tables.

Speaking of French: Here is a painting I saw at the Met, by Gustave Moreau. Oedipus and the Sphinx, 1864. Oedipus meets the Sphinx outside Thebes and must solve her riddle to save himself and the lives of the Thebans.

My friend who’s been looking in on Kitten Britches says Britches would’ve let her pet her all day yesterday. This is new behavior indeed. MomCat’s absence has made Britches more eager for affection. Yes, I think we’ll get her  kitten.

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