Blocks and hawks

Walked about 100 blocks today, don’t know how that translates into miles but I got back tired and ready to put my feet up. Went to the Frick to see the Rembrandt exhibit, very crowded there, fun to try to figure out what languages were being spoken. I know I heard French, Italian, Russian. Others I couldn’t make out. Here is the hawk’s nest at 74th and 5th Ave., across from Central Park. It’s even marked on the little map the concierge gave me so these must be famous hawks. I wonder if the song I heard once (Steve Earle wrote it I think) about a hawk in New York is about this one ? On the map it’s called the “Pale Male and Lola Hawk Nest.” I walked around Central Park some. It doesn’t have the wild places I like in our park at home, at least not where I walked. And here’s a plaque at the site of the home where Ulysses Grant penned his memoirs, on 66th between 5th and Madison I think. My mother always maintained that he was some kin of ours. Tomorrow the big silver bird takes me home again where we’ll begin to move our own nest in a week or two.

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