NYC afternoon

Spent the afternoon wandering around the Metropolitan Museum in NYC but before that stopped for a bite of lunch here. Everyone sat at a huge wooden table. Across the table from me sat a man of about 40 and his mother, who appeared to be supporting him since he spoke of needing money (you couldn’t help but overhear). He said he was depressed from dealing with so many incompetent people all the time and kept referencing California like it was better there. It was hard to decide what role to fit him into: smart, talented neurotic, whiney son, maybe a wannabe author down on his luck? He alerted his mother to women with bad haircuts. As if he had room to talk, looking like he’d rolled out of bed 15 minutes ago. There were many large, glamorous rings and pieces of jewelry adorning some of the women there, who lived, perhaps, in the expensive addresses nearby. The waitress brought me a plate of salad big enough to feed a cow which I tired of eating before I was full so I left it and went on to the museum. Didn’t take many photos but I did of these Degas sculpture studies. I like the barely-contained motion in them.

On the home front we are adjusting to MomCat’s absence from our lives. The vet lady sent a sweet card with a poem she’d found somewhere called “Rainbow Bridge” about how spirits recognize each other, cats, humans, all the beloveds, on the other side of death, and meet once again. It was a  lovely gesture, never gotten a card like that from a vet before. Kitten Britches seems ok if a little subdued but she still wants to play monster in the morning and on Tuesday left a big fat and very dead mouse on top of her friskies. We will likely get her a kitten to play with- she is a playful cat, always making up new games.

Next day addendum: MomCat used to always take care of her big kittens, me and Dennis, when one or the other was away. Bringing us extra mice, sleeping extra close. Dennis says he missed her last night. Today I’m off to hear what some smart accomplished people have to say about trauma and psychopathology.

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