MomCat Memorial (aka I hates that old cancer)

We’d noticed decline this last week and took her to the nice cat lady vets where we discovered she had breast cancer that had metastasized to her lungs which is why she was getting out of breath coming up the stairs. The cat lady vets said it would act fast and be painful so we eased her out before it got too ugly. I sure loved that old cat. She was such a very dear friend. She’d sit with me almost every morning of the world.

And this from a cat who was wild as a March Hare when we first met her in the alley. Raising kittens and running herself skinny to keep them fed and teach them to hunt (which she did an excellent job of, as Kitten Britches will attest, who brought a live mouse to our bed the other night to see if she could get Dennis to play).

Rest easy MomCat.

Of all our cats past and present, she was the one who loved catnip the most.




















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