Having not watched TV since the great switch to HDTV or whatever it is a few years back, we’ve relied on Netflix DVDs when there was a show or a movie we wanted to watch at home. We thought perhaps we’d get cable when we move so we could watch shows that we like in real time and have football and baseball for sports-minded guests. But after finding out how much they want to charge us for TV we decided not to indulge; we don’t watch enough TV to justify paying their price. We are doomed to be Luddites I guess, and that’s ok by me. This TV business reminds me of a show I was in many years ago in which I had a line referring to hippies shunning organized religion “Opiate of the people I’m telling you I’m free!” Yeah, I know, pretty trite. But apt nonetheless. Damn! It’s like drug dealers- get you hooked and then make you pay through the nose!

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