Spring sights

We went out to the park early this morning before the warmer temperature (up to 60 today they say) brought the rest of the world out to the park to see what we could see beneath and in spite of the ice still coating much of the ground. First thing I saw two red-tailed hawks in the cottonwood near the park entrance, courting. And then heard the unmistakable sounds of the male red-winged blackbirds who must’ve just arrived this week. We went looking for them and sure enough, they were all calling and facing south, waiting for the females, who will arrive in a few weeks, after the males have built the nests. And looked under the ice and leaves to find lovely green sprouts making their way up to the sun and warmth. Foliage of Harbinger of spring, aka pepper and salt or Erigenia bulbosa, is the fern-looking little plant near the middle.

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