Stench and storm

This morning while packing his gym bag for the first time in a couple of months my husband noticed the singular stench of dead mouse wafting from its depths. A smell with which we are quite familiar, unfortunately, living with 2 recovering alley cats as we do. I left before the source was found, I hope he didn’t die in a shoe.

Geese were crossing the road in the park this morning on foot. Not many impatient drivers and those there were didn’t threaten them.

The Ice Storm Cometh

The news is full of dire warnings about a winter storm heading our way. Rain, sleet, ice, thunder, and a foot or more of snow. If it comes to pass this may be the most winter-like winter I’ve experienced since moving here 26 years or so ago.

The new heading of a grasshopper is from last August. A break from this winter, which has made even me (I usually greatly enjoy the winter months) impatient for spring. I detect in myself some envy of my heat-loving friends who bought a camper and moved to Florida for the winter.

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