Annual Break-In Event

Two nights ago at 11:50 PM occurred the second annual breaking-into-the-Quik-Stop-next-door holiday event. I was lying awake listening to the footsteps and voices of people walking down the alley, they having emerged into the spring-like warmth much like insects that over-winter in logs or leaves until long light and warmth bring them awake to resume active life. I heard a man grunt, then glass breaking. By 5 AM the board-up truck was there, and by 7 folks were pouring into the store, still moving around in the warm air. I learned later that he’d stolen the cash register off the counter, by himself, and walked home with it. He was caught the next day, living only a couple of blocks from here. I cannot figure how a person would think it’s a good idea to steal a cash register from a closed Quik-Stop in the middle of the night, when it is likely empty anyway. Desperation, perhaps, combined with stupidity. Anyway, he didn’t set the place on fire like last year’s thieves did on Christmas morning, 5 AM.

The warmth is headed out this evening, pushed out by this morning’s thunderstorms and tornadoes; then the alley will be quiet again.

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