Me and Liz in front of a very old sycamore tree by the Elkhorn

Liz with Floyd (dog) and Dennis

Liz and Dennis by the Elkhorn

Dennis throws a stick for Sugar (a cross between lab and pit bull who doesn’t know his own strength)

A still-living old sycamore by the Elkhorn.

Sycamore trunk by the Elkhorn.

This is a farm somewhere in Indiana. I’ve noticed for years these school buses. We surmise that the owners may use them to house pigs, maybe chickens. It smells like a pig farm in summer.And below is the backyard near Evansville, Indiana, where the owner has put lots of airplane replicas. Been there for years and years.

A field in Illinois as we drove home on Sunday through a snow/wind storm. A hard wind straight out of the North and ice on the road- we saw lots of cars and trucks which had slid off into the median or onto the side. But I liked the contrast of the snow with the fields and trees.

More storm-

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