3 Random critter observations

(1) Banded Kingfisher this morning was sitting still on the rail of the wooden bridge over the stream. (2) We have discovered that MomCat is exceedingly fond of turkey. Her pupils even enlarge when she eats it, practically the same way they look when she gets high on catnip (are there chemicals in there I should know about?). Dennis conducted a taste test today in which he put a piece of chicken and a piece of turkey down side-by-side for her. She spurned the chicken for the turkey, walked away from the chicken. She has gotten too good for chicken!? We have spoiled her absolutely. To think she used to be a feral cat who wouldn’t come within 10 feet of us for the first 5 years we knew her! (3) Thursday morning: The crows, thousands of them, were rooked up in all the trees along the street when I went to get my coffee and bagel before work at 6 this morning. Thousands of them talking and farting and pooping. The man who works at the bagel place says he walks down the middle of the street when they’re rooked there and I can see why! Why can’t they just stay at the Archbishop’s house where they used to stay?

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